Research Advisory Committee

The CARAS Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is a community advisory board composed of representatives from alternative sexuality communities served by CARAS and scholars in the sciences and humanities. The RAC brings community members and researchers together to review research proposals for scientific/scholarly merit, ethics, and community benefit. After a proposal is endorsed by the RAC, CARAS will directly support the research by activating resources within subject communities to help with tasks such as outreach/publicity, recruitment, and community feedback.

The RAC review process provides a variety of tangible benefits. These include expert feedback on protocol design, analysis of ethical and regulatory issues to help prepare for IRB reviews, and access to the extended CARAS network of scholars, community leaders, and organizations.

Proposals need not be based in an academic or research institution to be reviewed by the RAC, but all proposals must provide a description of study objectives and procedures in sufficient detail to allow review by the committee. If applicable, formal CARAS endorsement is based on a final, IRB approved protocol. However, the RAC can conduct a preliminary review of a draft proposal and, if favorable, CARAS can be cited in a protocol/grant application as part of the recruitment plan and as evidence of community support for a proposed project.

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