CARAS community presentations, April 2018

CARAS provides presentations and workshops addressing current research on alternative sexualities to both academic and community audiences.  In April 2018, CARAS provided two presentations to...

May 8, 2018 /

CARAS Support for the National LGBTQ Task Force 2018 Leather Leadership Award for Durk Dehner

CARAS participated in the National LGBTQ Task Force 2018 Leather Leadership Award given to Durk Dehner, President and co-Founder of the Tom of Finland Foundation.  The award was given on January 25,...

February 5, 2018 / News Research

2017 Conference Keynote - The Wounded Clinician

The Wounded Clinician

"Indeed, before we understand the work we do, it stands under us. Research as a vocation, then, puts one in service to those unfinished stories that weigh down upon us...

March 28, 2017 /

Great Summary of the First AltSexNYC event

Dr. Russell Stambaugh has summarized the main points of the presentations given at the first AltSexNYC conference, held on April 22, 2016.  You can read it here.   The AltSexNYC event will be held...

May 2, 2016 /

Some thoughts on the NCSF report on violence victimization and perpetration in the kink communities

In August 2015, NCSF published a technical report on a survey of 816 individuals recruited through various outreach efforts using NCSF channels and resources.  The study gathered data between...

January 2, 2016 /