CARAS community presentations, April 2018

CARAS provides presentations and workshops addressing current research on alternative sexualities to both academic and community audiences.  In April 2018, CARAS provided two presentations to community audiences addressing mental health and historical topics at 18th Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend (CLAW), held from April 26-29, 2018.

Dr. Richard Sprott, "A State of Mind, a State of Heart: How Mental Health Challenges Intertwine with BDSM and Power Exchange Relationships"

     In this presentation Richard Sprott shared findings and insights from current mental health clinical practice and research addressing BDSM. The resulting discussion engaged a wide variety of topics relevant to the audience, including both positive and negative effects of BDSM play and relationships.

Dr. Rob Bienvenu (with Dr. Gayle Rubin), "The Origins of 21st Century Leather"

     Based on current scholarship, in this presentation Rob Bienvenu and Gayle Rubin provided an overview of the historical emergence of modern kink, leather, and fetish subcultures in the 20th century.

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