Endorsed Research

RAC Endorsement R2018-01 (Van Camp), Gender(ing) in Kinky Spaces: A Pilot Study…

The Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities (CARAS) has completed review of the research protocol: Gender(ing) in Kinky Spaces: A Pilot Study at the Intersection of Non-Normative Sexual Behavior and Gender.

The CARAS Research Advisory Committee (RAC) voted to grant a formal endorsement for this protocol.  The RAC believes that this research study meets CARAS criteria of scientific/scholarly merit, ethical conduct, and offers a prospect of benefit to the community being addressed.

RAC members participating in this review were: Robert Bienvenu, Ph.D. (Chair); Bert Cutler, Ph.D.; Christopher King, Ph.D; Jonathan Krall, Ph.D.; and Thomas Peterson, Ph.D..

The study will be conducted by Lauren Van Camp, MSW, a doctoral student in Social Work at McMaster University, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Study Summary: This project will address these questions: (how) do understandings of gender shift when people participate in spaces (both physical, and virtual) designed for, and governed by non-normative sexual behavior?; (how) does expression of or identification with gender change when people participate in kink (is it inhibited, facilitated, altered?), and (how) do features of non-normative sexual spaces allow for gender to be constructed and understood differently in these spaces? This pilot project will seek to gather data from up to 4 participants, using their data in order to inform the development of a larger doctoral research project.

March 22, 2018