CARAS Legal Names Policy

CARAS Policy on the use of Legal Names

CARAS recognizes many members of alternative-sexuality (alt-sex) communities perform community work, including work with CARAS, without disclosing their legal names.  CARAS further recognizes that many individuals within alt-sex communities work under established pseudonyms (by "established pseudonym", we mean a pseudonym that has been established for some public use other than to work with CARAS). While CARAS membership entails disclosure of one's legal name via the CARAS membership form (this information will be safeguarded under the CARAS privacy policy), participation in CARAS does not necessarily entail public disclosure of one's legal name.

It is CARAS policy that CARAS community members or representatives of CARAS community member-organizations need not disclose their legal names.  

CARAS professional members who participate in CARAS activities are expected to disclose, to other CARAS participants, the name under which they perform their professional duties.   Authorship of unpublished research is not 
considered public information; such information shall be disseminated by CARAS only with permission.  Authorship of published research is considered public information. 

Board members and select top-level CARAS staff (the Executive Director, the RAC Team Leader and the Development Team Leader), are expected to allow either their legal names, or an established pseudonym, to be disclosed in relation to their CARAS duties.  

Each member of the CARAS Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is expected to provide either a legal name or an established pseudonym for use in non-public RAC activities.